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Harvest services

Last week we explained at length how we managed to get a high-voltage surge through the house. The repercussions of that have continued throughout the week with the completion of seemingly endless insurance forms and the acquisition of estimates for … Continue reading

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A Christmas retrospective

As we’ve noted before, Christmas in France is thankfully neither as long-lived nor as manic as in the UK. The decorations never go up much before mid November, when the supermarkets fill their ‘seasonal’ aisles with toys and chocolate and … Continue reading

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Not the Cannes Festival….

If you are hoping to see lots of pictures of Cannes and the film festival then at the moment you have come to the wrong place. We were there briefly on Sunday morning on the way to church and hope … Continue reading

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An Easter update

Slowly and steadily we continue to inch our way out of winter. As we do, our diary is becoming increasingly full in what promises to be a very active spring and summer. Not, of course that the last few months … Continue reading

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The Marine Week : Côte d’Azur

The last six days have been almost completely dominated by the long-planned ‘Marine Week’, a detailed and serious look at the conservation issues and research possibilities posed by the Mediterranean in our part of the world.  But before we talk … Continue reading

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Chalets, houses and midnight visitors

First, a follow up from last week’s blog, Alison’s shoulder is much improved and we didn’t quite draw a line under house-hunting. We had a very agreeable church weekend away at a campsite near St Paul en Forêt, about an … Continue reading

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One week on

So, we have been at Les Courmettes for a week, although in some ways it seems much longer. There have been a number of achievements this week: we have managed to improve our French in a number of small ways, … Continue reading

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