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Late summer miscellany

We often find that we start to think of a new blog and realise we’ve got lots of good photos which don’t really fit into one particular theme. So here are some sights of the later summer. The level of terrorist … Continue reading

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Cannes: the City of Promises

There are two high seasons in Cannes: the first is the brief manic intensity of the late spring film festival. The second is the much more protracted, but only marginally less insane, summer period. It seems that in the same … Continue reading

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It’s been hot here — mind you that doesn’t seem to make us unique this year. Is Someone trying to point out to Trump that global warming really is occurring?  Actually, we haven’t been in the formal French heatwave zone: … Continue reading

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And life still goes on…

Because everybody knows France and everybody loves it, bad news about France is big news. And we have not been short of bad news. But contrary to some fantastic and irresponsible reporting France is not on ‘the brink of civil … Continue reading

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And life goes on…

First of all we would like to thank so many of you for your support, sympathy and prayers in the wake of the appalling Nice atrocity. It is very much appreciated. If you want an in-depth analysis on the impact … Continue reading

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It’s August and that means it’s a mad month. Last Saturday was officially billed as a ‘black’ day on the roads. The first Saturday in August is when traditionally in France the juillettistes (those who take their holidays in July) … Continue reading

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