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Cleaning up Taradeau

Our Saturday labours on the oppidum having finished for the year, it turned out there was another volunteer event on Saturday, a clean-up of Taradeau. Now there are interesting issues here. In Britain voluntary organisations are universally welcomed because local … Continue reading

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The Oppidum: the end of season

So, we have finally finished the third season of our labours up at the Taradeau oppidum. (There’s a good summary of the site and last year’s work on the Taradeau website. It’s in French, but there’s also a nice aerial view … Continue reading

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Climate Change(s)

Chris came across some discussion on the web this week about whether it was better to talk about Global Warming or Climate Change. He cautiously prefers the term “climate change” because it carries with it the idea that global warming … Continue reading

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Snow in Taradeau

As promised, we did indeed have an encounter with the “Beast from the East” or as it is more clunkily named here la vague de froid Moscou-Paris: the “Moscow-Paris cold wave”. That’s a term that probably reflects the long shadow … Continue reading

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Working on the oppidum

It’s been over a year since we posted anything about the Taradeau oppidum, that fortified settlement above our village which dates from around the first century BC. But that doesn’t mean that we have stopped our involvement there. On the … Continue reading

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November miscellany

We were hoping that today would see a promised snowfall. However, we’ve had to settle for rain instead. Still, we’re grateful for this. After seven months with barely a millimetre of rain, everywhere is incredibly parched, including our local river, … Continue reading

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Return to the Oppidum

What with one thing and another, we weren’t able to join in the first couple of this season’s Saturday morning work parties at the Taradeau oppidum, the fortified settlement that goes back to the time of Asterix. However we have … Continue reading

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