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November miscellany

We were hoping that today would see a promised snowfall. However, we’ve had to settle for rain instead. Still, we’re grateful for this. After seven months with barely a millimetre of rain, everywhere is incredibly parched, including our local river, … Continue reading

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Return to the Oppidum

What with one thing and another, we weren’t able to join in the first couple of this season’s Saturday morning work parties at the Taradeau oppidum, the fortified settlement that goes back to the time of Asterix. However we have … Continue reading

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Wet weather

It’s questionable whether picture postcards or political manifestos tell bigger lies.  But the idea that there is “sun all the year” on the Cote d’Azur is manifestly untrue. Actually, given our water shortage, most people wish the sun didn’t shine … Continue reading

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Fête du Vin Nouveau

Last Sunday (20 November) was the Festival of the New Wine in Taradeau. It’s the big event in the village and in its present form this was its 30th year . Although, as regular readers know, we normally go to … Continue reading

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Trump, kites and flags

Unfortunately, we have to start with Donald. We haven’t talked to a vast number of people here yet but there has clearly been a great deal of consternation. The French are now firmly confirmed in a long-held suspicion that the … Continue reading

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The bridge at Taradeau

If someone mentions the Côte d’Azur or Provence and ‘June’ in the same sentence, you’ll probably start thinking of dazzling sun, blue skies and the beach. And so it is for most of the time. But 15th June 2010 was … Continue reading

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Taradeau: our part in the war against terror

So the president has announced that France is at war. We thought we might tell you what the results have been at Taradeau. We will not of course breach security. So there will be no pictures of our single Police … Continue reading

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