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Oppidum and opportunities

What with travelling to the UK and rather grey weather here, we haven’t strayed far afield lately. We have however continued to be busy. One thing has been our continuing involvement in the work of clearing the Taradeau oppidum where … Continue reading

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Return to the Oppidum

What with one thing and another, we weren’t able to join in the first couple of this season’s Saturday morning work parties at the Taradeau oppidum, the fortified settlement that goes back to the time of Asterix. However we have … Continue reading

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September miscellany

We thought it would be worth covering some of the other things we did during September, a month that here seems to begin in summer and end in autumn. So, at the start of the month we made it to … Continue reading

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Not the Cannes Festival….

If you are hoping to see lots of pictures of Cannes and the film festival then at the moment you have come to the wrong place. We were there briefly on Sunday morning on the way to church and hope … Continue reading

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Oppidum labours

We have somewhere before mentioned the fact that our village of Taradeau has an oppidum. And for the benefit of the uninitiated or forgetful we remind you that an oppidum is really a fancy name for a walled settlement created … Continue reading

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A not-so-tranquil week in August

In theory, as we pointed out last week, August is the great French month for relaxation. A time to close up the office for two or three weeks and disappear and do nothing. Well, if that’s true, we haven’t really … Continue reading

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