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A backward look at autumn

Finally, after the long dry summer and autumn, it looks as if winter is on its way. For the next couple of weeks the Météo is actually predicting some days when the sun will not shine unbroken from dawn to … Continue reading

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November miscellany

Now that winter really has arrived (temperatures down to -4°C Thursday night), we thought we should do a round-up of some autumn colours and scenes that we haven’t been able to include in other blogs. We did a fairly local … Continue reading

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Autumn sun

When most people think of the south of France they probably almost always think of it in summer, when it certainly has its attractions. It might well be however that its biggest charm lies in other months of the year. … Continue reading

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Autumn leaves

There is a common myth that the French Riviera does not get a winter. It is of course totally untrue. We had a little touch of frost outside our apartment door this week, although as we’ve said, we’re at 850 … Continue reading

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Lambs amid the conkers

Even in this urban age, every small child in Britain knows that conkers (the gloriously shiny fruit of the horse chestnut tree) ripen in autumn and lambs are born in spring. So it is somewhat disconcerting to look out of … Continue reading

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