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Of aerial views and roofs

We were in the UK visiting family last week and you really don’t want to see any photographs from there. Almost everything was in what might be called 30 shades of grey. We did however get some excellent views as … Continue reading

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The turning of the seasons

It’s that time of year in the south of France when winter is quietly being forgotten and spring is considered imminent. Blossom and new shoots are appearing in trees, the bird hunters have put their shotguns away and supermarkets are … Continue reading

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The long way back from church

Having just visited the UK for six days to connect with family, it was all too apparent that there at least winter hadn’t packed its bags and gone home. (Actually, as we write this it hasn’t left here: flying in … Continue reading

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There are several things that you don’t want to have when you are a long way from home. One of them is an email saying, “Sorry to hear about the massive flooding where you are, is your house ok?” And that … Continue reading

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It seems that whenever a newspaper wants to generate a popular article for its tourist pages it sends one of its reporters down to Provence to write something. One gathers that there are no shortages of volunteers for such missions. … Continue reading

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A Nice week

It’s been another wet week on the Côte d’Azur. But then, if you live in Britain you probably know that because it seems that the British weather forecasters delight in pointing out that there has been bad weather in the … Continue reading

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Sheep back up; Internet still down

Well we are back at Les Courmettes after a very pleasant week in the UK. It’s an odd feeling to leave the UK mid-morning and be back in Nice, and what is now home, in time for a late lunch.  … Continue reading

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