A new year’s day cycle

In our previous house at Taradeau we never did as much cycling as we would have liked. One of the main reasons for this was that to cycle anywhere from the village meant either climbing around 200m (500 feet) onto the plateau behind (not pleasant in high temperatures), or crossing various fast roads along the valley floor. Here in Lorgues, things are very different. Five minutes cycle from our house puts you onto one of the main European bike routes and there are all sorts of lanes and tracks in the area.

So, having moved here, we decided it was time for Alison to have a new bike, the old one having been bought more than 15 years ago; it was something of a Christmas present. With New Year’s Day bright, windless and reasonably warm, we decided to take the bikes down to the coast in the car and cycle from Ste Maxime to St Tropez. It’s not a demanding cycle; we have done it before and it totals around 30 km.

The cycle route follows the D559 and the D98A but is separated from the traffic.

The views however in winter are splendid and off season St Tropez is actually quite charming . So here’s a complication of photos of the cycle trip. We’ll try and do something more adventurous another time.

We stopped for coffee part way round at La Tarte Tropézienne which not only has mouthwatering pastries and breads but a poster of the 1956 film which launched the career of Brigitte Bardot and made St Tropez the place to be.
St Tropez from the bike path
Looking across the Gulf of St Tropez to snow-covered moutains
The bikes at St Tropez and looking back to where we came from
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